About Me ︎


Born in Texas, raised in rural Indiana, drawing began early for me as a personal tool for playing pretend and escaping into the terrain of the imagination.

I draw people (human and non-human) usually from imagination. I don’t know what they’re doing, thinking, or feeling before I draw them, and when they’re drawn, you know as much about them as I do. But they’re always doing something, and that story develops as the drawing does. I get lost in the small details of expression, the touch of strangeness about them, the context clues that turn a body into the vessel for a story that’s unspoken, just out of view. The act of drawing is how I enter that strange place and go looking around in it.

I also do portraits, which is actually the exact same process, but I’m drawing real people. The challenge then is to bring forward a likeness to the person, but more importantly the personality expressed there.

I received a BFA in sculpture from the Indiana University, Bloomington, and an MFA in studio practice from the University of California, San Diego. I live and work in San Diego, where一when I’m not drawing一I works as a scenic carpenter for The Old Globe theater.