Portrait Gallery

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Clare // 2020, 6”x8”, watercolor, india ink, acrylic
Clare // 2020, digitized package, for use on the web
Dr Clare Hammoor is Director of Inquiry and Instruction at Compositive Primary School, and a collaborative theatre-maker. Clare wanted a headshot/portrait for professional use that would “invite folks into thinking and being playful”.

About his portrait Clare says, 

“(My) portrait makes me feel like I have sparkle, joy, sophistication, and fun. I am enamored with her style and her way of styling me.”

Rico // 2021, 11” x 8”, watercolor, gouache, ink

Rico // 2021, dimensions variable, digital rendering
My client Linda ordered a portrait of her adorable labradoodle, Rico! Linda opted for the standard paint and ink portrait (above left), and also chose to add the optional digital rendering (above right). Rico is depicted with some of his favorite toys! The digital rendering on the right is designed to look great wherever you may want to post it online, and it can also be uploaded to my Society6 page so you can order your pet on mugs, tote bags, and other merch! It also serves as a soft color proof that I try to match when mixing paints and painting in the final portrait. Sometimes the physical copy looks better with slightly different colors in person, so I make those adjustments as I work. Hence the color difference you see here! This side by side comparison is a great way to imagine how your portrait might look!